Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chalabi clowns, Bully Boy clowns, the New York Times clowns . . .

Think of Chalabi as a chef. He cooked and fed Judy Miller most of her "reporting" and he cooked and fed the administration most of their "facts." Over 2,000 Americans are dead and some of that can be traced to Chalabi's "cooking."

If that happened at McDonalds, they'd fire his ass. But even though the administration shares with McDonalds a love for clowns, it doesn't share the basic accountability. So it's no surprise that Chalabi's being brought back in "from the cold." (For more on this, read "Other Items" and "NYT has to promote the AP today because NYT has little news.")

But it is disgusting. And it's one more sign of how there is no accountability in the Bully Boy administration.

Equally amazing is the New York Times which wants to do a mea culpa for their lousy reporting (a lot of it by Judy Miller) and wants to push the administration's "we were all wrong" party line but at the same time wants to promote Chalabi without acknowledging their own relationship with him which included hiring his niece.

Isaiah called it right regarding the state of the world today when he named his comic strip The World Today Just Nuts.