Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Enter the Woodman

Woody's back in the news and Patrick Fitzgerald's got him!

Seems the Wood Man was tipped off about Valerie Plame in June of 2003.

All this time, Woody's played the silent game. Played it really well.

Hasn't done such a good job at reporting . . .

The source who told Woody about Valerie Plame went to Fitzgerald and told him.

If he hadn't, no one might ever know that Woody was a part of this story.

Of course, keeping silent to protect his source, didn't stop the Woodster from offering opinions about Plamegate in interviews. He handed out opinions like they were candy on Halloween night.

But no one hearing him knew then that he was a part of the story he was 'objectively' opining about.

C.I.'s got an editorial about it: "Editorial: Someone explain to Bob Woodward that a reporter reports."

I'm using Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts from June 5th to note Woody's latest "I am the story!"