Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Grab bag

Had to start with Isaiah's latest The World Today Just Nuts. "Deep discussions."

I always love The World Today Just Nuts but when Bully Boy's playing cowboy, it's always extra funny.

As Mike said:

The community is important and the community is important to me. So I'll do my part for the community.

I'll be jotting today (obviously) and tomorrow and probably on Friday but don't expect anything Thursday. I can't promise you a certain time. I like to get it out of the way in the morning but that doesn't always happen.

This morning, we were cracking wallnuts for a bread my mom's making and pecans for some pies she's making. That was me and my grandfather. We also took the turkey out of the freezer to defrost and we just bought it yesterday so that didn't make a lot of sense. Why put it in the freezer in the first place?

We didn't put the ham in there?

Is it bird flu? Something else?

I don't know. I don't cook.

But Mom does and she's a great cook. She's working half a day tomorrow and then coming in to get started.

I don't cook but I do odds and ends. I'll peel potatoes and mash them when she tells me to. Or I'll stir for her. But I have no idea how to cook anything except scrambled eggs unless you count throwing something in the microwave.

Another gasbag bites the dust.

Tonight Ted Koppel leaves Nightline. If your eyes are welling up, make a point to read C.I.'s "The end of a (bad) era" and Rebecca's ""ted koppel go away already."

And don't miss Rebecca's "makeout music" entry. I'm not sure what I'd pick if I had to pick just one. Maybe Dave Matthews Band "Crash"?

That's a pretty sexy song. Way the music rolls around like waves and all. Check out what Rebecca's readers picked.