Friday, January 13, 2006


Friday! The 13th! We made it to the weekend.

Noting four things and then calling it a Jot.

Need to laugh? Don't miss Kat's "Alito Hearings and John Tierney's abortion" which will get your weekend started off with a good laugh and some deep thoughts.

Mom saw this excerpt at The Common Ills and asked, "Please, put it up at your site."
From the National Organization for Women's Kim Gandy's "Mostly Serious New Year's Resolutions:"

- I pledge to do my part to oppose the nomination of Samuel Alito the Supreme Court, for all the reasons given here and here. Even if I've already called my Senators, I pledge to go call 'em again now! I know this fight could decide women's reproductive rights for the next 40 years or longer, and I am committed to doing my part to stop Alito. (And in fact, if you have some time, we'd love to have you in D.C.! Find out more about joining our campaign in D.C.)
- I resolve not to be fooled by Sam Alito's evasion, obfuscation, and wiggle words (that's a legal term, for all of you non-lawyers out there ;>) and to focus on his very serious anti-woman ideology, even if it is really funny that his excuses sound a lot like "the dog ate my homework" The excuses? In today's hearing they went something like this: the computer forgot to remind me that I promised not to rule on Vanguard cases and I really don't remember being in that misogynistic club, but if I did it must have been about the ROTC and the military (sounds of patriotic music playing in the background).
- I will do everything I can to make sure Congress doesn't take women's rights lightly, and to remind our elected officials--especially the ones who claim to be "progressive"--that women's issues matter and women's votes count!
- I'll work with my local NOW chapter on whatever campaigns I can help with in my area, knowing that all across the country I will be joined by hundreds of thousands of feminists and progressive allies working to take back our country from the far Right! (Don't know your local chapter? Click here!)

It's not over yet. If everyone works together we can still defeat Alito.

C.I.'s got a look at the upcoming issue of Ms. and it's got me interested in peaking it up so read the mag spotlight.

And Seth's got a post on Alito that went up yesterday.