Thursday, January 26, 2006

Return of The Jot

Hope you're rested. We're supposed to take the time we need ("'How do you think a story can change a life?' (Laura Flanders to Robert Redford)") and that means members with sites and without. I was actually planning on taking one more day off but I was reading some stuff this morning and thought, "Wally, at least note this stuff."

First, read Rebecca's "the struggle continues." It's an epic. I'll note this thing she quotes from The Feminist Wire:

PA: Anti-Choice Democratic Senate Candidate Casey Supports Alito
Robert Casey, an anti-choice Democrat who is challenging Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) in November, has outraged women's rights supporters by announcing his support for confirming Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.
"It's very disturbing and should worry, I think, Pennsylvania women and civil rights advocates and people concerned about unchecked executive power to wiretap and eavesdrop on Americans," Kate Michelman, former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, told the Patriot News.
Casey's decision to support Alito shows that women "cannot count on a Senator Casey to protect our liberties," Michelman continued.
On the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Alito was the lone judge who voted to uphold a spousal notification requirement in Pennsylvania's Abortion Control Act, a bill that Casey's father, then-Governor Robert P. Casey, Sr., had signed into law. The case, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, was decided by the Supreme Court in 1992, which overturned Pennsylvania's harsh restrictions on abortion.
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TAKE ACTION Call your Senators and urge them to oppose Alito
DONATE Make an emergency contribution to the Feminist Majority's Save Roe Campaign. We must be a strong voice in this crucial fight to save Roe and the Supreme Court for women's rights.
Media Resources: Patriot News 1/25/06; Philadelphia Inquirer 1/25/06

Like Rebecca points out, he wants to be in the Senate, as a Democrat, and already he's demonstrating that he'll break ranks and vote with the Republicans. We need more of that crap? I don't think so.

At The Common Ills, I was reading from the top and thought C.I.'s "Other Items" was pretty darn good and then I scrolled down to "NYT Loses Will to Cover the NSA story." That's the one. Is it ever. Read them both but the NSA one is the one to really take note of.

That's really all this morning. Guess I'm leaving down-time mode. Return of The Jot and all.