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  • Iraq War veteran Matt McLaughlin reflected on the Iraq War and politician's responsibilities this week in a column for the Somerville Journal which included the following:

    This moment was not very significant at first, but after two tours in Iraq and every year since, I asked myself “if that drill sergeant knew we would be there for years, why didn’t our elected officials? If he knew the truth, and 21-year-old Matt McLaughlin knew enough to ask questions, why didn’t the most informed people in the nation?” 
    The truth is they did know better. The politicians who voted yes to Iraq did so because it was politically expedient. Republicans and Democrats made a rare bipartisan decision to give Bush unlimited war powers. But they were not a united voice. One hundred and thirty-three members of Congress voted against the war. Their courage serves as a historical rebuttal to the idea that Iraq was a simple mistake based off bad information. 
    [. . . ]
    I can forgive individuals for their trespasses, just as I hope I’m forgiven for my mistakes. But I will never willingly let such individuals make life and death decisions again. They already proved they would choose their political life over someone else’s death. I can forgive, but I will never forget. I will always remember. Army veteran Matthew McLaughlin served two tours in Iraq.

    That's some honest truth.

    So few people can offer it. 

    Take professional liar Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman.

    At Huffington Post this week, he rushed in to defend Hillary on, of all topics, Iraq.

    He 'forgot' to inform readers that he was part of her 2008 campaign.

    The same way he forgot to tell readers he was tied to the corrupt no-bid contracts in Iraq that the US government 'rewarded' certain big donors with.

    He especially forgets -- as does Huffington Post -- forget to tell you that this "Obama administration official" sered in the Bully Boy Bush administration as well.  In 2004, for exaple, his title was Assistant General Counsel for Government Contracts at the US Agency for International Development.

    For his embarrassing defense of the Bully Boy Bush administration's corrupt and no-bid contracts see the defense of it he offered in 2003 entitled [PDF format warning] "USAID'S Iraq Procurement Contracts:Insider's View" (and don't e-mail to tell me that the capital "S" after USAID should be lower case -- it's his typo).

    But the liar's back to offer more lies when he should probably be issuing an apology for those no-bid contracts -- possibly issuing from a federal prison cell.

    Is it any surprise a whore for Bush and Barack would show to whore for Hillary as well?

    DC's little more than a gan of thieves these days.

    It's a corrupt sewer waiting for someone to drain it.

    Instead we get Marburg-Goodman serving up his version of fan fiction erotica, "Re-Examing Iraq: Is Hillary Really a Hawk?"

    Let's look in on Marburg-Goodman's crap-trash:

    Here are the facts: on October 11, 2002, Clinton joined a strong majority of Democrats, including liberal and left-center Democrats like John Kerry, Tom Harkin, and Joe Biden in voting "yes" on the Resolution authorizing the use of military force against Iraq.
    While that resolution did indeed authorize President Bush, under strict requirements of the 1973 War Powers Act, to use force, it remains largely forgotten that Clinton's vote authorized using such force only as "necessary and appropriate in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuing threat posed by Iraq," and to do so only upon the President certifying to Congress that "diplomatic or other peaceful means" would be insufficient to defang Saddam. 

    That's the sign of a really bad liar -- not even able to come up with a new lie.

    Talk about lazy.

    We've heard this lie before.

    Elizabeth Edwards trotted this out to defend her husband John Edwards.

    It was at the same time she was castigating Hillary in the press for being married to a . . . cheater.

    Remember that?

    Remember how Edwards not only had a mistress but he had a pregnant mistress who gave birth to his child.

    But liar Elizabeth Edwards had the gall to attack Hillary for Bill's affairs?

    So the liar today wants you to know Hillary voted "yes" for war -- but "yes" for another war, you understand.

    Not the war that still ravages Iraq and has left over one million Iraqis dead, killed around 5,000 US military personnel, left wounded many more, not that war.

    No, no, no.

    Hillary voted for another Iraq war.

    It reminds me of a scene in "The feminist film classic of the 90s," the Sandra Seacat directed comedy classic IN THE SPIRIT from a screenplay by Jeannie Berlin and Laurie Jones, starring Marlo Thomas and Elaine May. In the scene noted below, Reva (Marlo) and (Marianne (Elaine) pretend to be hookers to get prostitute and porn actress Lureen (Melanie Griffith) to open up to them about murder victim Crystal.

    In The Spirit

    Lureen: I better quit drinking. I've got to go do The Robin Byrd Show in an hour.

    Reva: Oh really? Are you an actress?

    Marianne: Yeah.

    Lureen: You know Karl Percy, don't you? From Albany?

    Reva: Oh yeah.

    Marianne: Yeah.

    Reva: We, uh, we worked for him.

    Lureen: You're kidding. Which movies?

    Marianne: The early ones.

    Reva: Yeah, the early ones.

    Lureen: You mean like Finger Licking Good? 20 Laps?

    Mariann: Yeah, that's right.

    Lureen: Wow.

    Reva: No, I-I wasn't in 20 Laps.

    Lureen: Oh.

    Reva: I had another part. 

    Lureen: Oh.

    Reva: In a musical.

    Lureen: You're kidding!

    Marianne: She is.

    Lureen: You know, Crystal was so good in Hot Sausages --

    Reva: Uh-huh.

    Lureen: -- but she just never followed through. She had no ambition.

    Marianne: I think that she was very dumb to get mixed up with Chuckle.

    Lureen: Yeah, well, Crystal was dumb. And Chuckles is smart. He is real smart. He is too smart. I get scared of guys who are that smart. You know, and he really gets off on showing you just how smart he is -- like a really mean cat with a bird.

    FYI, Marlo's currently winning raves for another superb comedic performance in the play CLEVER LITTLE LIES now playing at New York's Westside Theatre (407 West 43rd Street).

    But that's what the dreadful Huffington Post column, insisting Hillary voted for the Iraq War but, you understand, a different Iraq War reminds me of: Reva insisting she made porn but not 20 LAPS, instead she was in a musical.

     Hillary voted for the war.

    So did John Kerry.

    So did many other cowards.

    One thing to Hillary's credit, she hasn't attempted the lie that Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman does.

    Marburg-Goodman also offers:

    When Hillary Clinton was challenged on her Iraq war vote at last month's Democratic debate, the front-running candidate pointed to President Obama's 2008 selection of herself as Secretary of State as affirmation of his continuing confidence in her judgment on matters of war and peace.

    Oh, Barack's Iraq judgment?

    The same Barack who chose Joe Biden as his running mate?

    Biden also supported the Iraq War.

    The same Barack who chose John Kerry for Secretary of State?

    John supported the Iraq War -- he was for it before he was against it -- remember that 2004 howler?

    The same Barack who found Iraq War cheerleader Samantha Power several spots in his administration?

    The same Barack who found Iraq War cheerleader Susan Rice a spot?

    As we have long pointed out, Ann Wright -- who resigned from the State Dept over the Iraq War -- wasn't given a post in the administration.

    But those who supported the war were littered throughout Barack's administration.

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