Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Community Jot

Mike talks to new community member "Kansas" (identified as Ryan but it's not the community's Ryan to be clear) here and Rebecca speaks with community members Martha and Maria here.

I'm still working on the correction to my first jot and appreciate the e-mails with suggestions on that. I'll try to have it posted later today.

Kat offers her take here (her take so far).

Elaine tells me on the phone that she's just so disappointed by the whole thing she was too disappointed to write yesterday. She says she'll have something up today.

Betty's working it into a new chapter and says to put in, "These things take days for me to finish. I'm thinking Friday is the soonest I'll be done with it and it can go up."

Cedric says he's writing right after church tonight and had practice last night so wasn't able to get in to pull the link last night. He says it will be pulled tonight.

Ty says he, Jim, Jess and Dona wrote a "mammoth" note to the readers. Dona says it needs to be cut in half and have more focus. Jim wants the points made more clear. Ty advises that it will be up but probably at two or three Thursday morning.

Seth says he never linked to the site because he didn't see any value in their work. He's wiped out from school and work and says the fact that he never endorsed the site to begin with means he's not rushing to note it now.

Jess says to post his e-mail he sent yesterday:

"The problem," _____, is that Ava didn't attack you.
She's been professional in both e-mails she sent you and taken input from her aunt on what to leave in and what to take out before sending.
Ava's aunt told her no personal contact with you, professional only.
That's what Ava did.
Jim phoned & asked, "Did Eddie mail C.I.?"
He did. Same message he mailed us at Third that Jim was looking at.
You've delinked from C.I. in the midst of your olive branch offer?
We will be delinking from your site. Community wide.
You had no problem writing repeatedly but somehow you forgot to mention that detail.
While supposedly offering a "sincere request for peace" you delink C.I.?
You've called your desire for peace into question.
We won't be left holding an olive branch with thorns.

"The problem" is using the phrase from ___'s snippy reply where she gripes at Ava.

I'll have my corrected post up sometime this evening or tonight.

I've already delinked but since the first post deals with that site it does need a correction.