Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Stop the Jot!" hollers Jim

"Stop The Jot!" Jim screams.

Actually, I'm bringing in stuff from the trunk of the car because I took my grandfather Christmas shopping and Mom's yelling that I've got a phone call.

Grandpa went to town and then some. It's like he bought a town. I'm trying to grab as much as I can carry and make as few trips as I can.

I holler, "Mom, who ever it is, tell them I call them back."

"No, Wally," my mom yells back, "you need to take this call!"

I hurry up the drive, drop the sacks on the porch and take the phone from Mom.


"Stop The Jot!"

It's Jim.

Mike's got some stuff for tonight. They're going with Mike because it's more his style and also because C.I. won't get mad at him. Everybody likes Mike!

See, everyone closed ranks and was willing to try a peace deal even though it put us all out big time. That's because C.I. thought the woman was being genuine.

In the last two days of this supposed peace deal, she's dogged on Kat while supposedly wanting peace, gotten snippy with Ava, and . . . Well, just wait for Mike tonight.

And you know, as Mom said - you kkkkkknnnnnnnnoooooooowwwwww, Rebecca will be a must read tonight. So be sure and check in with her.

Me? I gotta figure out how to do a correction to my first post ever.

But Mom says she'll help out.

I told Jim to tell Mike to break me off a piece of that and I'll post some of it here because us newbies are like C.I.'s kids and C.I. won't get mad at me. The most C.I. will probably say is, "That's between you and her."

But this sort of nonsense is the reason Mike started blogging in the first place. I remember that because I was one of the people e-mailing him and going, "Mike, it's not a big deal." He'll tell you I was one of the ones saying, "Start your own site and you'll see it doesn't matter."

But that was one thing. There was no offer of peace in the conflict that had Mike pissed off.

This time, there was an offer of peace but somehow peace still included snapping at Ava who did not get personal with this woman because her aunt told her not to. Her aunt goes, "That woman will burn you." Sunday night, we were all on the phone with Ava's aunt who told C.I., "I love you, you're the sweetest, most trusting yadda yadda yadda, but this woman does not want peace."

C.I. is sweet and trusting. I think all of us respond to that.

But there's peace and there's pretend peace and if you tell us you want peace and then don't, the rest of us aren't as nice as C.I.

So Ava's aunt gave some advice and we all followed it.

I'm glad we did. If we didn't, we couldn't say we tried. Well, we tried.

Jim'll have a note up tonight but let me tell you to look forward to the next edition of The Third Estate Sunday Review. Pieces that didn't get posted online? They may get up there. Or we may just make an effort to write even more strong.

And check out Kat because Jim hadn't talked to her but I bet Kat will have something to say on all of this.