Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harriet gest a do over

Harriet Miers gets a do over. She didn't make a goal but instead of benching her, the Senate's going to give her a do over. If she's confirmed, will the Court implement a do over policy when she still can't get her act together?

Will majority opinions begin with, "Barring any do overs, the Court finds . . ."

Will good come from this? Will they drop the misguided "three strikes and you're out" policy due to a defense attorney arguing to the Court that his or her client wants "one of those Harriet Miers do overs?"

Harriet Miers ... possibly qualified for the Court ... if she can have a do over.

Now for a self-plug. Mike has an interview with a smart, funny, guy ... me! For the hour, Mike, for the hour!