Friday, October 21, 2005

Libby, Rove and Somerby

Libby and Rove may have conspired together! Shocking. No doubt ego maniac Rove's grumbling about who gets top billed.

Some people are waiting to see what Patrick Fitzgerald will do. Some are attacking Joe Wilson.
Attack the victim?

The site that's not my site's namesake launched yet another attack on Joe Wilson yesterday and wants us all to think it's about "the truth."

Bob Somerby's been absent for the lead up to the invasion and he's been absent for the occupation. He can scold and attack but the truth is he sleeps on the job like an "old geezer" (using one of his words). Is he too shame faced to own up to it?

Laugh as Bob turns himself into a pretzel to continuously scold that "This is not a story!" Chuckle as he plays fast and loose with the facts to attack Joe Wilson. Mourn the death of once great voice.

Question to ponder for the weekend: Why do some people trash their own work and legacy?