Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Daily Jot

Thank you mucho to C.I. of The Common Ills. Mucho grande.

I'm Common Ills community member Wally and I toss out things every now and then to that site. This is just a brief background or bio.

I think my older cousin Will turned me on to The Common Ills. A lot of people were talking about it but Will's the one I listen to. There was a thing on a story in The New York Times about Florida and football and that's how Will got me to check it out. I discovered the other community sites and I have to do a shout out to Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude. I've got C.I. on the phone so I'm trying not to do too many links. C.I.'s talking me through the mechanics but I have to give a shout out to Rebecca. We'd read her and C.I. for class my last year in high school. And I have to do a shout out to my buddy Mike because if he hadn't stayed on my case, this site wouldn't be starting. Mike blogs at Mikey Likes It!

Everyone's great but I'll sit on my lazy butt and not try to hunt down links since C.I.'s kind enough to "hold the phone" while I figure out what to say. Elaine, Cedric, Betty, Dona, Jim, Ava, Jess, Ty, Kat and Seth are all people who do great work worth reading.

Guess what? You ain't gonna find nothing like that here!

I'm a college student and I'm hyper busy. What I'm hoping for is to do a "daily jot" at least five times a week. C.I.'s helped me create or whatever the option where you can e-mail a post to your site and, cross those fingers, that will help me always be able to blog.

My daily jot is going to be a thought or two. I'm not doing a run down of everything.

It'll be like a thought for the day. Nothing spiritual or deep, more of a smart ass kind of thing coz that's the kind of man I am!

This may be the longest post you see here.

But Mike's talked about the need for members of the community to toss stuff out there and so this is my way of doing that.

Again, big thanks, mucho mucho, to C.I. for being on the phone with me. I'm about to learn how to post these damn things. At some point, probably on winter break, I'll add more to my blog roll but I wanted the community sites up there, Democracy Now! and Pop Politics because Christine's someone that really spoke to the community at Ms. Musing and let me talk a second there.

Christine did Ms. Musing over at Ms. I don't know how long. I know that after I found The Common Ills, I'd go check the links. Lot of good stuff up there but Christine really made me think about stuff. I bet she didn't expect for some high school jock (male) to find her writing to speak to him but they did. I don't know why Ms. Musing stopped and nobody asked my opinion on it, but if they had, I would've told them big mistake. There were times when I disagreed and times when I agreed and always I went back to read more. I'm trying to remember to check Pop Politics but it's still new to me and I'm a creature of habit like anybody else. But she's doing her work at Pop Politics with a lot of other interesting people and it's on my blog roll so try to check it out.

I don't think a community member could start a site without noting Democracy Now! because it's so important to the community. I think Pop Politics is pretty important too and I hope me putting it up there makes you want to give it a look.

In fact, this'll kind of be like a real short version of what Christine does. She does these wonderfully written things and don't expect that. And she's on top of pretty much everything and don't expect that! LOL. But I'll just toss out an opinion or two here and maybe you'll agree or disagree but maybe it'll make you think.

I need to get this up before The Third Estate Sunday Review starts publishing because that way they can add me to their links. I hemmed and hawwed forever and 20 days. But I said I would start something and this is it. Hope you find something here but no promises.

Now C.I.'s going to talk me through tags quickly because Rebecca will never speak to me if I don't learn tags. For community memer Shirley I'll put in the e-mail address "for this site" which is Name's Wally and I probably should have started with that.
Kat always says, "It is what it is."