Friday, October 21, 2005

Libby, Rove and Somerby

Libby and Rove may have conspired together! Shocking. No doubt ego maniac Rove's grumbling about who gets top billed.

Some people are waiting to see what Patrick Fitzgerald will do. Some are attacking Joe Wilson.
Attack the victim?

The site that's not my site's namesake launched yet another attack on Joe Wilson yesterday and wants us all to think it's about "the truth."

Bob Somerby's been absent for the lead up to the invasion and he's been absent for the occupation. He can scold and attack but the truth is he sleeps on the job like an "old geezer" (using one of his words). Is he too shame faced to own up to it?

Laugh as Bob turns himself into a pretzel to continuously scold that "This is not a story!" Chuckle as he plays fast and loose with the facts to attack Joe Wilson. Mourn the death of once great voice.

Question to ponder for the weekend: Why do some people trash their own work and legacy?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Harriet gest a do over

Harriet Miers gets a do over. She didn't make a goal but instead of benching her, the Senate's going to give her a do over. If she's confirmed, will the Court implement a do over policy when she still can't get her act together?

Will majority opinions begin with, "Barring any do overs, the Court finds . . ."

Will good come from this? Will they drop the misguided "three strikes and you're out" policy due to a defense attorney arguing to the Court that his or her client wants "one of those Harriet Miers do overs?"

Harriet Miers ... possibly qualified for the Court ... if she can have a do over.

Now for a self-plug. Mike has an interview with a smart, funny, guy ... me! For the hour, Mike, for the hour!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Harriet Miers: Woman of Mystery

Yesterday began with news of Harriet Miers' challenge: "No one knows how I'd vote on abortion." As though the country had found the dead body in the library, with a candle stick holder but not sure which character had done the deed. By mid-day even the worst Clue player could tell you about the 1989 survey she answered giving her pledge to pursue the anti-choice agenda.

The mystery of Miers remains a mystery only to those as bright as a post hole digger. But she wants you to keep playing. Which may explain her own intellectual capabilities.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Musing on Dexter Filkins

Dexter Filkins goes all spaz and spaztic while reporting on the rumors of ballot stuffing in Iraq. Maybe he feared that a look into ballot stuffing might prompt one into crotch stuffing as well? Never did understand that. If you're looking to get with someone, really get with someone, how do you explain when the pitching mound is suddenly an ant hill?

Maybe Dexter Filkins can explain that in his next op-ed "live from the Green Zone!"?

Monday, October 17, 2005

What did her parents tell her?

We get told, growing up, work hard, apply yourself, and maybe someday you'll make something of yourself, even maybe become president.

Or most of us. Did Harriet Miers' parents tell her, "Harriet, you kiss enough butt, don't do anything spectacular or special, just kiss that butt, and some day you could be a judge on the Supreme Court!"

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Where's the damn Daily Jot?

I'm trying to see if I have this figured out. C.I. just returned my message and before the week started I wanted to figure out how to do posts by e-mail. When we were setting it up last night, we set it up for that.

Already have Beth busting my chops with "Where's your Sunday post?" :)

What happened there was I ended up early this morning and i.m.ed Mike who said, "Get your butt over to The Third Estate Sunday Review!" So I ended up helping out with their CD thing. And then just talking and shooting the breeze.

C.I. and Ava were trying to get their TV review completed but they were up against a clock because C.I. had signed up for volunteer work this weekend. So the point came where the review wasn't completed. Jim said don't worry, we'd all work on the editorial this evening and people could consider it two editions instead of one with the 2nd one having the editorial and the review.

The whole evening/night/morning was a train wreck for the guys because in the middle of the news review, Jim checks the e-mails and finds an article Martha's e-mailed by the guy she hates. (Community members know who I am talking about.) He's ripped off C.I. no credit, no nothing.

C.I. is able to handle that. I'd be screaming my head off, breaking something and wanting to go punch the guy out. And that was everyone's reaction pretty much so the whole edition got derailed.

Jess told me C.I.'s the one who put it back together and he feels real bad about that because there it was C.I. being ripped off and C.I.'s stuck with making everyone else feel it's okay. So Jess feels bad about that.

When finally the review started back up, it was late and the rip off was something that people just kept going back to. Jess said C.I. didn't and kept saying, "We need to focus on what's in front of us." Jess blames himself because he fed into the rage and he doubts that was helpful to C.I.

So that's what was going on there. After C.I. had to bail and get ready to start volunteering, we probably all stayed on the phone for about two or three hours just shooting the sh-t. (I'll try to keep this site clean because I know a lot of members use work computers. I've got a filthy mouth though so I may slip. Remind me if I go into the gutter.)

I'll start The Daily Jot stuff proper tomorrow. Now I'm going to see if this will send and if it does, I'll add links. I should have used my yahoo account and I could have put links in. Next time I'll remember that.