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Starting in the US where there's another candidate trying to win the presidency.  Dario Hunter.  The Green Party candidate?  Yes.  He lost that nomination to Howie Hawkins and now is attempting an independent run for president.  Cindy Sheehan spoke with him on her latest CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX.  He tells Cindy he's "a fighter."

He tells Cindy Sheehan, "I wanted to take that fight to the country as a whole" -- Green Party issues -- "to ensure to move that agenda, that platform forward."  Really?  He lies so very well, doesn't he?

Gate keepers are in the Green Party, he insists.  He doesn't want to tell the world that, you understand, but "It's a truth that I have to share."  He says he and other Green candidates had to claw their way to get access to the voters to . . .

Oh, shut up.

The Green Party may be all of those things.  Howie co-founded it.  He might have reaped the same backdoor benefits that Hillary Clinton did in 2016.  He might not have.

But Dario is not the one to make those charges.  Lazy Dario is not the one to make those charges.

Did the Green Party stop him from Tweeting?  Did the Green Party stop him from posting to FACEBOOK?  

He was a lazy ass candidate.

I agree with Dario on the issues probably 100%.  I was hoping he'd get the nomination.  But months ago, when Jess and Ann turned against him and decided to support Howie, it was because lazy Dario wasn't running a real campaign.  You don't control the media or what it covers.  You do control your campaign site and you do control you social media.  

We started out noting Dario here every Saturday or Sunday that we noted Howie.  Then I wasn't noting Howie.  Why?  I had nothing to note from Dario's campaign.  Was that fair to Howie -- or anyone running a real campaign -- that they didn't get noted because their opponents were too lazy to even Tweet once a week?


Dario's nonsense plays with Cindy because (a) she likes him and (b) she wasn't paying attention to his campaign -- as she notes, she's not a Green.  I'm not either but we try to note all candidates for president and have done that from the beginning.  Much to David Cobb's displeasure in 2004.  I believe he was our first e-mail complaint from a non-journalist.

I wish Dario had gotten the Green Party's presidential nomination.  I think he has a great stand on the issues.  But Dario didn't get the nomination -- apparently he's this year's Hillary Clinton in that he's just not going to go away -- and that is his fault.  He needs to own that.  

His criticism of the Green Party may be accurate, it may not.  But he needs to start taking ownership for the fact that he didn't run a real campaign.  If Dario was not happy that a co-chair of the party (I believe he means Dr. Margaret Flowers) was on Howie's campaign, guess what?  He had months to object to that.  He could have Tweeted and reTweeted that.

He would have had to have named her and he's too much of a chicken s**t to name her, but we would've noted it.

After he fails as a candidate, he refuses to look at his mistakes, he refuses to be honest.  He also refuses to discuss anti-war or peace in anything but platitudes which may have been the second most disappointing thing about the interview.  And, so no one e-mails me, I don't call US troops War Criminals.  I don't do that for Iraq, I don't do it for Vietnam.  Stephen D. Green was a War Criminal.  His actions were War Crimes.  But I do not use him to smear other troops.  I don't know why, in that interview, we're calling Howie Hawkins a War Criminal because he served in Vietnam but, to be clear, that's their interview, that's not me.

The Green Party needs to respond to Dario's charges.  Flowers -- with or without her husband Kevin Zeese -- needs to respond to this.  If they don't, these charges are going to linger all the way through November.

And people need to tell him that a Green Party convention is not "fascist."  He has no idea what fascism is when he trots out that.  

And he's got no idea of anything.  He needs to close his mouth right now and work on his campaign site.  He's too late on many ballots and he's too stupid to use his campaign site.  Click here.  It's a list of state's where he has ballot access and where he's working on it and --

Oh, no, it's not.  That was published at least three months ago (see bottom of the page).  He's supposedly campaigning as an independent and working on ballot access . . . but he hasn't even updated his campaign site.  If someone believed in him and wanted to work for ballot access, if they visited his site, they would either be misled or wasting their time.

He says he's running as an independent and he says he has left the Green Party but the bottom of this page -- his official campaign site -- says "Green for President."

I'm really disappointed in this interview.  It's one thing to allow Dario to come on and trash the Green Party -- I've got no problem with that -- but considering how lazy he was -- not to mention he hid out in California for weeks not working on his campaign -- to allow him to whine that the nomination was stolen from him, that's outrageous.  

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