Friday, October 28, 2005

Bully Boy Comes To Town

Bully Boy comes to town . . .

Couple days after the Hurricane hit. Lot like 9/11, lot like Hurricane Katrina, lot like everything else he does. Not the brightest even in his own family. He's the kind of guy who's always handing out belated birthday cards.

Power? We've got the generator. That means standing in the gas lines.

But he was all over the radio yesterday telling us how good we got it.

We got it so good that over 1/2 of us without power when the hurricane hit still don't have power.

We got it so good that "good news" is P&L thinks everyone will have electricity by . . . Thanksgiving.

Bully Boy said something like "Soon more and more houmes will have power. Their life will get back to normal."

But he doesn't seem overly concerned. Hear he got some nice photo ops out of it.

Meanwhile, people stand in line for ice and water.

Guess he has other things on his mind with the whole Harriet thing blowing up in his face and rumors that Patrick Fitzgerald will indict someone today?

He came. He spun. He left.

I think the third thing's the only thing to cheer about.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Quick jot

Right now we have power for a few hours thanks to the generator.

Do I sound like Riverbend?

Well say a prayer for Florida, while the rest of the nation lives under only one Bush, we live under two and you can really tell that with the incompetence displayed at every level in the wake of Hurricane Wilma.

Will we get any news today in Plamegate? Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts contains the news I'm hoping for.

Not much of a Jot, I know but we're on the generator and I don't want to use too much electricity. C.I.'s told me on the phone that everyone's been thinking of my family and me. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We're fine, just without electricty most days.

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Bug's Lie

With Wilma headed here, my mind's elsewhere this morning so I'll just post Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts. (Thanks to C.I. for explaining how this weekend.)